Miniature Horse Vehicles

There are many options out there for miniature horse vehicles. So many that it can be overwhelming

How to Balance Your Easy Entry Cart

I often see people driving their minis with a poorly balanced cart. This can mean the cart is tipping downward toward the pony, or that it is tipping up, pulling on the pony’s tummy.

Finessing Cart Balance

The other day when I pulled my cart out to drive I noticed that my seat felt like it was tipped back quite a bit after I sat in it. I had my son come out and take a few photos and sure enough there was quite a tilt!

Why the Hyperbike?

I took my bike and Sky to my friends house for a play day and when I posted about it I had lots of people asking how I knew Sky loved the bike. And did I like it? So I wrote this on Facebook and thought I should share it here too!

Balancing the Easy Entry Cart - Part Two

Just another post about balancing a two wheeled vehicle...

My Bike Balace

I just want to share how my bike is working. I keep hearing that it is not possible to have weight at the horse end of the shaft without using wrap straps. I have achieved that while using the open shaft loops and driving with a loose over girth.

ISO: Miniature or Small Pony Easy Entry Cart

Miniature or small pony easy entry cart. Nothing fancy will be used for training. I see this ad all the time. Then I see the replies:

Kingston Saddlery Easy Entry Cart

I get questions about which affordable easy entry cart people should buy. Which one did I buy? Though I have many blog posts here talking about my EE cart, showing photos of it and discussing it, I thought maybe I should have a post that is ONLY about it.

Thinking about carts

I am sitting here thinking about driving ponies. I know! That must be such a surprise. Something that has been rolling around in my mind for some time now is what it takes to drive a pony and a two wheeled cart, an easy entry cart or a Hyperbike or a show cart or a sulky. Anything that only has two wheels and must be balanced for the pony to pull it.

Miniature Horse


How to balance your

Easy Entry cart

Finessing Cart Balance

Why the Hyperbike?

Balancing the Easy Entry Cart

Part Two

My Bike Balance

ISO: Miniature or Small Pony Easy Entry Cart

Kingston Saddlery Easy Entry


Thinking about carts...