Zorro’s First Time Pulling the Travois!!!!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Yep. Today was the day! Zorro was hitched to the travois for the first time!

He handled it like an old pro. This will be a picture heavy post and at the end… a video! If you have any questions about the way I hitch him to the travois, about his harness or about why I do things this way please feel free to ask below in the comments or shoot me an email. I LOVE questions as they typically lead to more blog posts!

Yes he is now a grown up. But he will always have a baby face. And my dog. Be still my heart!

I’m just so proud of him!

Walking along together.

Someone pulled into a driveway behind us and he wanted to be a lookie-lou.

Our shadows.

OMG. That face!

OMG. That view!

Another mile and we’ll be home!

Just standing around posing for the camera.

And the video!

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