Travois – Step Two

Normally I wouldn’t move through step one so quickly, except this is more of a re-start, as Sky has been driven so much as a younger horse. We drove her in shows, in parades and many many miles on our back country roads. So this is just a refresher to check her foundation for holes and give her a chance to settle back into the harness. She is doing so great! And I’m proud to say that my step-by-step process for training a horse to drive is solid!! We used the very same process that I wrote about in my book to start Sky and here it is nearly 7 years later and she is sliding back into harness without any trouble. I’m so proud of her!

Today was the second day in the travois. Yesterday we made circles around our 10 acre field and took a short jaunt down the road. Today we went over 2 miles on the road, walking and trotting and Bonnie came along! I was happy to see that Bonnie wasn’t phased by the travois at all. She looked at it and paid attention, but when it would bounce off her feet or get between her legs a bit she didn’t mind at all! Sky had a big spook and spun around, lifting the travois in the air and swinging it around both Bonnie and I and Bonnie stood like a statue. (Sky came right back down when I did a one rein stop and was willing to listen to me. So that was good!)

Here they are just walking down the road together!


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