Nicker Nickels!

I found out about Nicker Nickels on Facebook when a friend shared them. I was immediately interested as I am always looking for healthier treats for my ponies. I loved these because they are a nice size, but soft enough to break into smaller pieces. This enables me to know exactly how many treats they are getting and to make one treat stretch over a session. (Since ponies can count I know that one piece of treat just won’t cut it most days!)

They do have molasses in them so I don’t give them to Bonnie but everyone else LOVES them! Surprisingly my ponies are very picky when it comes to treats. There have been quite a few different treats I’ve tried and they just spit them right out. These ones they ate right away!

Nicker Nickels – The Elite Training Treat For Your Horses

At last, the training treat that has been used privately for almost 10 years is being made available to the public! This unique blend of natural ingredients is designed to be consumed by the horse quickly so that the next activity or exercise can be resumed in a timely fashion.   -from the Nicker Nickels website

These are the faces I see when Zorro thinks I have Nicker Nickels…

“Please give me a Nicker Nickel!! Please please please!”

I just love this nose.

I think your horses will love these treats too. Head on over to their site to order some!

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