My Little Rock Star

Oh my goodness. This little mare is the cutest thing! She is so adorable.

When she wants a cookie and I am not giving her one she will tilt her head up at me and then bat her eyelashes!! Where did she learn to do that!? She is so smart and has me wrapped around her hoof.

During Bonnie’s laminitic episode Sky has experienced quite a bit of stress. She came out of winter at a really good weight, then I had to lock Bonnie up in a smaller pen and I put Sky in with her so she would have access to the shed too. BUT she would eat and eat and eat all the hay that I put in there for the two horses and Bonnie lost even more weight than before and Sky ballooned up! She is so fluffy right now! I am always amazed that she fits between the shafts of the cart… it’s down right embarrassing.

I separated her from Bonnie and she now gets two flakes of hay in her slow feed net and she makes that stretch over a 24 hour period. Some how she regulated herself! I found that so interesting. She is getting a 1/2 a cup of Crypto Aero, 1/2 a scoop of California Trace (to help balance the iron in the hay), one scoop of Crypto Aero Plus and a sprinkling of magnesium to help with her heat cycles this spring! She has been very regular and so sweet all during her cycles this month and last month. Last spring and summer I wasn’t able to do much with her during her cycles as she felt quite cranky.

Top: Sky last year before Crypto Aero. Taken April 2016 Bottom: Sky this year after Crypto Aero all year. Taken April 2017 We have had a much colder spring this year with high winds and lots of snow and rain. So all the ponies held their coats longer than last year. They are all actively shedding now, but our nights still get quite cold!

I also noticed that since I’ve been feeding her the Crypto Aero Plus powder she has become less anxious when I take her out by herself in the cart. I still warm her up on line and then we spend some time going up and down the driveway, doing figure-of-eights and going as far as her threshold will allow, then turning around and heading back to the other horses, but it takes less and less time for her to feel confident enough to just trot down the driveway and down the road away from home! I’m just so so happy with the Crypto Aero feed!

Sky and her Kingston Saddlery Easy Entry Cart -

Here is Sky in her Kingston Saddlery easy entry cart. The harness is a bit of this and a bit of that. The collar is from Chimamcum Tack and is the Comfy Fit deep V collar. I love it! And she’s wearing her Cavallo CLB boots.

I do want to upgrade to the sliding back band as I know that will help Sky be even more comfy when working. I can see how great that will be as we travel over the bumpy yard ground and we haven’t even made it up to the mountain roads yet. We won’t go up to the mountains until we have the sliding back band and a Hyperbike!

Sky in harness with her Kingston Saddlery Easy Entry cart -

I love how nice everything looks here. As we travel around and around the yard, over the bumps and down the gravel road the cart is nice and quiet and things fit nicely.

I am also going to upgrade to a Comfy fit bridle as well. I love how they fit the mini head and the way the blinders offer even more room between them and the eye. But all in good time and at least we can get out and about with what we have!

I am loving the curved shafts. You can see all the shoulder clearance they offer and when she turns her head her reins never hook on the end of the shaft! Also the neck collar has rein turrets. I wasn’t sure about them at first, then decided to try them out and really appreciate having them! If Sky puts her head down she can’t get a foot over the rein!

We are both enjoying our time spent trotting out on the road. She can really stretch her legs and gets to flying down the road. I love the sound their hooves make as they trot down the road. I remember falling asleep to that sound when I was a little girl and my mom was training Shetland ponies to drive. We spent many hours in a cart behind a pony. Make sure you turn up the sound!

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