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Over the last two weeks I’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils and the Masterson Method on Sky to help with her soreness and hormone issues. At first she wasn’t so sure and let me know in no uncertain terms. She made me laugh as she stomped around, pawing my leg, as I bent over to drop the oils on her back, shoulders and poll. She pushed into me, trying to boss me with her shoulder. Her ears weren’t pinned, but she had a mad look on her face. That didn’t last long as the oils started to work their magic.

Sky's Oil Regiment

Sky’s oil regiment.

I started by putting Clary Sage (helps with Estrogen) on her sacrum. I rubbed that in and then moved onto Clarity ( Clarity™ blends Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, and other essential oils for an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness) along her spine. Then I applied Rosemary (this is great to help balance emotions) to her poll and sacrum, finishing by putting Elemi (great for grounding emotions) on her right shoulder. As the oils began to work she started to yawn, lick and chew, lower her head, soften her eyes, yawn some more and then stretch her head and neck downward. Once she was doing this, I began to work on her Meridians using the Masterson Method. I found many many hot spots along her neck, shoulders and mid back. She had lots of heat right where her spine is out of alignment. I worked on that spot for a little while.

Once I felt she was done I asked her to stretch her front legs, but only as far as she wanted to. I asked about pulling her tail for a nice spinal stretch but she said no. Everything is too tight for that yet!

I got a hold of my Aunt Sara to come help me do a Raindrop Technique on Sky. When she got here and did some muscle testing we discovered that Sky wasn’t ready for a full on Raindrop and instead was asking for some very interesting oils. She applied Lavender (great for balancing emotions, also relaxing), Progessence Plus (helps with the hormone Progesterone), Peppermint (this creates a warm tingling when applied to the skin, making it a favorite for massage, helps with inflammation)and Abundance (used for emotional support in this instance) to start. Sky tested for large amounts of Stress Away (to create a feeling of peace) on her spine, her shoulders and her lady parts. This oil made her yawn and yawn and shake her head. She was really blissing out after this oil was applied. And she smelled so great! I have a new favorite oil… Stress Away!!

After having all these oils applied, Aunt Sara asked her to stretch her front legs, which Sky really got into. She did not want to stretch her hinds and thought about doing the tail pull but changed her mind… still too tight!

I applied some more oils on her a couple of days later. More Elemi and some Clary Sage. She didn’t test for any of the other oils I have on hand. I did some more Masterson Method Meridian work which she really enjoyed. She fell asleep while I worked on her. Perfect! After this she stretched and stretched her front legs. She kept handing me one leg and then the other.

Sky is becoming her old self again through the use of essential oils and bodywork.

About 3 days after the last session Sky and Bonnie both came into screaming heat. I immediately separated them from Zorro, the little stud colt and made them each their own pen.

Sky decided that she really LOVES Bonnie and stands as close to her as she can. When they are out grazing, Sky grazes as close to Bonnie as she can. She wants to be touching her all the time and wants to eat the same grass as Bonnie. Poor Bonnie is a bit annoyed by all this attention, but is being sweet. I am amazed at the change in Sky over these last two weeks. She is her sweet, kind self. She meets me at the gate and wants me to pet her and scratch her itches. She is always giving me little horse kisses and making this face…

Sky's bliss face...

Sky’s bliss face…

I have a call into my favorite body worker, Heidi Chretien, who is hoping to come out this week. I can’t wait to have our follow up with Bonnie Fogg to see how Sky is feeling after all this!

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