Miniature Horse Vehicles

There are many options out there for miniature horse vehicles. So many that it can be overwhelming! There are two wheeled easy entry carts, two wheeled show carts, two wheeled marathon carts, two wheeled Hyperbikes. There are four wheeled buggies, marathon buggies, wagons, viceroys. So many options!

I’m going to share some of my all time favorites. A few of the carts and buggies that I would buy if money wasn’t a problem. Some of the carts and buggies that are affordable, even for those of us on a budget and a few that I’ve had in the past and wish I still had!

I’ll start with the past. I had an easy entry cart for training. It was an older used easy entry cart, nothing fancy and very light weight. I had a Graber show cart and a four wheeled buggy built by a friend of mine and a Hyperbike. I loved my Hyperbike and am looking forward to getting another!


Left: Inexpensive Easy Entry Cart $400   Middle: Graber Show Cart $1700   Right: Hyperbike $1550


My buggy hitched to Sky a 36 1/2″ Mare.


My buggy hitched to a Dane, a 32″ stallion.

I loved my buggy and so did the minis. It was lightweight and very easy for them to pull. I could load up the back with kids and go for a neighborhood drive. It was an awesome vehicle for parades as well. I’m hoping to get another buggy someday!


Hyperbike hitched to Cammy a 36″ mare.

My Hyperbike was awesome. I would hitch up my main driving mare, Cammy, and we would fly around the hay field. The cart is so wide that we could gallop around and I was never worried about tipping over. I didn’t do any mountain driving then, but do plan on doing a lot now so will be getting another Hyperbike!

Here are a few photos of my little stallion, Dane, hitched to the Graber show cart.


We had this beautiful wooden easy entry cart that we bought from Silver Penny Farms. It was a heavy cart, but so well balanced that the minis could pull it without any problems. I loved the big wheels as it made the cart pull so much smoother.


Here are a few photos of the metal easy entry cart as well. The mini is Ellie and she’s about 35″ tall.


Now onto the vehicles that are on my dream list!

Then there is the Graber Marathon buggy. If I had a team I would definitely want one of these!!


I also really like the looks of the Pacific Smart cart. Lots of people that do CDE’s use these carts. They are sleek and very well built. And I’ve heard they are very comfortable!


Now onto the affordable vehicles. I have the Kingston Saddlery easy entry cart. The price was so right ($475 and that INCLUDES shipping!!) that I wasn’t sure about the quality. I had mixed reviews from different people, but decided to give it a try, knowing if it wasn’t heavy duty enough for driving here, I could sell it and easily get my money back. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality! I’ve had a few easy entry carts over the years and this is the nicest one (besides the Silver Penny wooden easy entry cart) that I’ve had! The cart weighs just under 100 pounds, because I upgraded to the heavy duty motorcycle tires. The spokes are really nice as well and will not bend or warp. I will be driving through sage bushes sometimes so I needed heavy duty! I also got the curved shafts and so far am very happy with everything!


As I said, there are many miniature horse vehicle options out there! Part of the fun is reading about them all and figuring out which one would best suit your needs. There is always so much to learn!

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