Miniature Horse Halters Part 2

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I just recently wrote a blog post about the woes of trying to find a halter that actually fits the minis. I had lots of feedback and got some great suggestions. This post will be about the halters that I actually tried on my minis. I will add links to others that people shared, but I didn’t get to actually try, on the other post

First up is a nice little beta halter from Chrysalis Acres. She had it made to my measurements and I love it! The color is pretty fun as well.


I like the buckle on the nose for when I’m harnessing. It’s very soft and supple no matter how cold it is and it fits! (I also like the cheek snap.)

–>Speaking of a well fitting halter. It was pointed out to me that I didn’t go over what that means on my last blog about halters. And during my search for halters I have discovered that ‘well fitting’ has a different definition for different people. Soooo I will share guidelines to what I consider a well fitting halter!

The nose band should be one to two finger widths below the end of the cheek bone.


In the photo below the nose band has slipped and is too low on Zorro’s nose. I mentioned that on my last blog but it was pointed out to me repeatedly so I better make a big deal about it here. IT IS TOO LOW!! And could possibly break the end of his nose if undo pressure is applied with it sitting so low. The Parelli halters tend to slip at the poll strap, so I am constantly retying them to bring the nose band up. It is annoying!


This photo shows a halter that is sitting too low on Zorro’s nose!!!!!

I bought a couple of the Star Point Horsemanship halters because I like the idea of the nylon halter with the rope nose band. I went ahead and purchased the largest size she offers. They don’t really fit my ponies right now since they are so hairy. I will save them to see if they fit better in the summer. As you can see in the photos below, the nose bands are a bit low. They are quite tight around the nose meaning they will be applying pressure to their nasal bones all the time, no matter if I am putting pressure on them or not. I don’t like that at all. Those knots are tied so if you apply pressure they will press on very sensitive groups of nerves on the horse’s face. So if they are always tight they are always pressing on those nerves. The nose bands do not have any adjustments under the chin so they are as big as they go!

(Also I really don’t like it when the poll strap has those grommets around the holes. They can get bent and cause all kind of problems later on. To me they are very annoying!)


The next halters are from Chimacum Tack. I got two sizes so I could be sure of a good fit. One is a 200 (Adult mini horse) and the other is a 300 (Large mini/Shetland size). Surprise! The 300 fit my ponies the best. Geesh. I must have ponies with HUGE heads! These halters have adjustable nose bands making it much easier to fit. And I really like the white stitching!


Next up is a very nice halter from Tammy Rose from Central Harness Shop. You can find her on Facebook under Tammy Rose. She doesn’t have a website but can help you if you contact her through Facebook! I like her halters as well! Her large didn’t fit my ponies, but the Extra Large did. These halters do not have the adjustable nose band, but Tammy can make them that way if you ask! She said she can also add a buckle to the nose band for the drivers and will make halters out of leather as well! (But she doesn’t do leather halters with silver for showing…)


Pretty in purple!

This was a fun experiment! I went from two halters for each horse to many many extra halters hanging in my tack area. AND the best part is that they fit!

I highly recommend any of the halters above.

(Just be sure if you get the Star Point halters that the nose band isn’t too tight, putting pressure on those nasal nerves.)

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