My whole world is about treating Bonnie right now.

I have studied laminitis and founder many times over the years and dealt with a few ponies that had foundered and needed rehabilitation. I was very successful in helping those ponies. But none have been so severe as Bonnie, except Chloe and she gave up the fight. So the amount of stress I have been feeling has been great… so great that I worried I may become laminitic!

I want to treat this as naturally as I can so have been reading books and websites, looking into Homeopathics and treating her with herbs and essential oils. One book that I have borrowed from a friend and have been studying is “Feed Your Horse Like A Horse” by Dr. Julie M. Getty. I have been an admirer of hers for years!

She talks about the importance of feeding your horse some kind of forage 24/7 and thoroughly goes over the way a horse digests and everything they need to be as healthy as they can be in her book. It’s well worth the money! She also has a lot of information about the laminitic, IR and Cushings horse. I came across this list and found it very interesting so wanted to share it here.

Common causes of laminitis:

  1. Hormonal disorders such as PPID and insulin resistance

  2. Elevated insulin

  3. Obesity

  4. Genetic prelaminitic syndrome

  5. Overfeeding of grain and sugar from sweet feeds (carbohydrate overload)

  6. Endotoxins released from the hindgut (leaky gut syndrome)

  7. Grazing on pasture that is high in sugar/starch/fructan

  8. Physical stress to the feet (concussion founder)

  9. Injury to one limb, leading to laminitis in another foot

  10. Retained placenta after foaling, resulting in a blood infection

  11. Colic

  12. Prolonged use of antibiotics or steroidal medications

  13. Bedding that contains black walnut shavings

  14. Selenosis (Selenium toxicity)

  15. Iron overload (causes insulin resistance!!!!)

  16. Mental stress (leading to elevated cortisol levels)

  17. Forage restrictions

  18. Rhabdomyolysis (tying up)

  19. Equine polysaccharide storage myopathy (EPSM)

  20. Thyroid disorders

  21. Toxic plants

I know that this started when Bonnie was out on the field in December, but after going over this list I think she was a ticking time bomb. I am so grateful to have so much information at my fingertips but can feel overwhelmed sometimes. I think there were several factors that lined up perfectly on that winter day and tipped her over the edge. And the acute laminitis episode that we are dealing with now was caused by the vaccinations overloading her already toxic body. I am so so thankful for my three other healthy ponies!

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