How I Fill My Slow Feed Nets

I love my small bale hay nets. They fit a 65 pound bale easily. My bigger 75 pound bales are just a touch too big but it’s not a big deal to peel some hay off the end and use that to fill another net. Sometimes I will tie a knot in the end of my nets and then I can use them to hold just 4-5 flakes of hay. When I tie a knot I will turn the net inside out so the knot is on the inside, with the hay.

I am gearing up to have a rather large surgery on Friday so am getting things ready around the farm to make chores easier for my family to help me with. I won’t be able to lift anything for 4-6 weeks while I heal and will feel so much better knowing the ponies have full hay nets to munch on. I’m sure they will appreciate it as well.

When I do my own chores I will put out 4-5 flakes for each of the girls and a whole bale for the boys. I go check to be sure they aren’t out of hay often so they never have to have that empty feeling in their tummies. But I know my family won’t be so diligent, even with me asking them to check. So using the nets at their full capacity will mean they only have to fill nets every 5-6 days!

Here is a little video I made showing how I fill my nets. I was always curious about this before I purchased my nets and couldn’t find a video that showed me what I wanted to know… So I made this one!

If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment below! I will have lots of computer time over the next few weeks as I heal!

*If you are local to Montana you can purchase your Hay Chix slow feed nets at Bridger Feeds in Bozeman. They cost the same as the Hay Chix website but you don’t have to pay shipping!!

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