Ground Driving – Step One

Sky is officially back in training to be a driving horse! It’s been quite a few years since she was harnessed up- and yet when she is in harness she is all business. No silliness. She listens to my voice when I ask for a walk or a trot and if she does get a little tight, I simply say “eeeasy” and she slows right down and relaxes. I’ve noticed that she feels more confident when wearing blinders and having a bit. Some horses are like that! I’m wondering if Bonnie will like an open bridle so she can see everything around her. She is not very spooky and takes everything in stride, but some horses like her prefer to be able to SEE. Then they can respond appropriately. I love having two girls that are so different!

Several years ago I wrote a little book called “Step-By-Step Guide to Training a Miniature Horse to Drive.” Then two years ago I re-wrote that book and put out the second edition. I am very proud of my little book and all the people it has helped over the years! I love getting emails from people who never thought they could train their own horse but found the confidence to do so after reading my little book. (You can click on the picture of my book over there on the right hand side of my blog and it will take to you Amazon where you can purchase your own copy!)


Step-By-Step Guide to Training a Miniature Horse to Drive


My book collage.

I am using the same steps to re-start Sky and my process is definitely standing the test of time! Ground driving is the first step. We started in just a halter and moved back into the bridle and harness this week.

Both the girls and I are having a blast with this process! And I am getting some butt-kicking walks in!

Standing patiently after  I asked her for a “whoa.”

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