Four Secrets to Happiness

Four Secrets to Happiness

Four Secrets to Happiness

Four secrets to happiness as taught to me by my horses:

1) Nature: Pay attention to the small things in nature. Nature is fascinating. I love watching the ants on an ant hill, the bees on a flower, how the plants change through the season and my horses grazing, carefully choosing which grass to eat and which to spit out.

2) Curiosity: Be curious and learn something new every day. Horses are very curious. Allowing them to be so without telling them no is the trick to being a great horseman. Horses that are curious are playful and silly. They learn to be brave by first being curious.

Never knock the curiosity out of a young horse. – Tom Dorrance

3) Compassion: Have compassion for all living things. Horses living in a herd will have compassion for each other, but they also have rules. The rules are to be respected and are there for everyone’s safety. Keeping in mind that horses have feelings too will only help you be a better partner for your horse.

4) Joy: The joy in caring and loving something or someone. My horses have taught me this through caring for them. I always make sure my horses are happy and well cared for before I care for myself. When my horses are happy, then I’m happy!

Horses bring happiness to my heart every day.

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