Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed

I went to their website and read about the ingredients:

whole oats, timothy hay pellets, alfalfa hay pellets, sunflower seeds, green peas, yellow peas, rice bran oil, ground flax, rose hips, green cabbage, papaya, algae, organic yeast, anise, fenugreek

Over the last few years I have used many of these things in Billy’s feed that I mixed myself using organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. I knew the benefits of feeding these wonderful herbs!

Here is a short rundown on a few of the ingredients listed above:

  1. Anise = good for the stomach, Anti-septic, Anti-spasmodic, Digestive expectorant

  2. Rose Hips = Anti-inflammatory to support healthy joints, Vitamins A,C,D and E

  3. Papaya Leaves = Helps digestive systems, relieves inflammation, Antioxidants

  4. Fenugreek = Helps the large intestine, Digestive, Hypoglycemic, Expectorant

  5. Brewers Dried Yeast = Helps with digestion

  6. Green Cabbage = Helps with ulcers!

  7. Peas = Excellent protein source, High Lysine content

Horse have a very hard time using man made supplements. Their bodies simply do not recognize them as real food. Therefor when you feed the man made, pelleted and powdered supplements you are mostly throwing away your money.


I have tried to avoid these feeds for years now and my horses have been happy and healthy! I have spent lots and lots of money mixing my own feed. Sometimes you can’t get certain herbs as they are out of stock so my feed would vary slightly based on what was available to me. When I started to study and read about the Crypto Aero feed I was so excited!!! Finally a feed that I could afford that had all the things that are so important to me.


I went to a local feed store, Bridger Animal Nutrition, in Bozeman and asked them to look into the Crypto Aero feed. They agreed to carry the feed IF I could sell the first pallet… that was 30 bags of feed! So I went out and spread the word, told all my friends, shared it on Facebook and talked this feed up! I managed to sell 12 bags. It was a disappointment as I really wanted this feed here in Montana.

It’s so amazing to me how hard it is to talk people into trying a feed that is wholesome and natural and obviously so GOOD for the horse. The testimonials are amazing for this feed! The amount of money people will save on supplements when feeding this feed is also amazing. This feed has everything in it that horse’s need. All you have to supply (besides forage, hay or grass!) is a loose salt and clean water! And yet people won’t think of trying it because it isn’t main stream. Sigh. It reminds me so much of the Essential Oils! People are willing to take prescription drugs and drink soda and eat fast food but they balk at using the essential part of the plant, that grows in nature and can actually heal!

Lucky for me I have great friends and neighbors. When one of them found out that Bridger may not place the order, they called them up and ordered the number of bags we needed to get this shipment here. Whoot whoot!!! I was so excited that I drove around and delivered feed to all the people I got to place an order. I felt responsible for their feed getting to them and was so excited for them!!


We now have our feed and we’ve all started our horses on it. Those of us that placed our orders are so excited and our horses are LOVING it!

I feed the minis just 1/2 a cup of feed a day. It’s so inexpensive!

Left: The feed, so colorful! Right: I feed 1/2 a cup to each pony once a day!

I can’t wait to share my after pictures….

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