Cavallo CLB vs. Easyboot Mini

When I found out that Cavallo was making a hoof boot for miniature horses I was so excited!!!

I knew I had to have a pair. They sent me some photos of the boot before it was available and I liked the look of it. My mom got me a pair for my birthday. (Well they are really for Sky- but you know what I’m saying!)

Cavallo introduces the Cute Little Boot

It’s a smaller boot than the Easyboot Miniature Horse Boot and has a lower profile. The Cavallo boot has drain holes in case you drive your mini through water. I like how the front of the boot looks, we’ll see how it holds up when climbing rocks and trekking through sage bushes.

The CLB’s front closure.

They are tiny. Looking at them I wasn’t sure they would fit my mare, Sky. But I tried them on and they do! They wouldn’t fit Bonnie’s more round hoof but Sky does have little feet. I think of all my minis, they would only fit Sky and Zorro – and not Zorro for long! They did say they will be coming out with a few more sizes in 2017… I will definitely need the next size up to give Sky a little more room. But these will work for now!

The bottoms are much different than the Easyboot. The Cavallo boot would not be suitable for slippery floors, such as hospital floors. They are a hard plastic. The Easyboot has a rubber sole, therefor I think they would be work on slippery surfaces.

Easyboot on the left, Cavallo boot on the right.

Here they are from the side:

Easyboot on the left, Cavallo boot on the right

I like the low profile design of the Cavallo boot. It just looks sleeker than the Easyboot. I am concerned how it will be on grass however. The bottoms do seem quite slick! Time will tell and we will be putting lots of miles on both boots…

Back View: Easyboot on the left, Cavallo on the right

A couple photos of the fronts of the boots and how the closures work:

Cavallo boot front and closure

Easyboot front and closure

Here’s my beautiful model Sky and her new boots!

The CLB’s!

Sky and her CLB’s.


We used these boots for the end of fall and beginning of winter and wore a hole right through the bottoms. I contacted Cavallo because I wondered if this was normal. They sent me a new pair of boots and we wore through those in the same amount of time. They said my horse’s don’t have the right feet for their boots. Hmmm. We haven’t worn through the Easyboots. Bonnie finally did rip a pair of them after wearing them nearly 24/7 for almost a year. She was racing around and stepped on the back of the boot with her hind foot and ripped the boot off. I have since bought two more pairs of Easyboots and we love them! The Cavallo boots are incredibly slippery on wet grass and gravel. I do NOT recommend them at all.

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