Cantering with the Travois

Sky has been doing so great in the travois that it was time to canter with it on! I like to have my ponies canter while dragging the travois so they get used to the feel of doing so inside the shafts. I’ve witnessed ponies that have never cantered in cart or the travois, then they spook and canter in the cart and completely panic. This is a way to set them up for success later!

Sky was a bit of a maniac today. She didn’t like being out on her own without Bonnie, but Bonnie is too sore to walk right now. Sigh. She got a little bit of the tiny green shoots growing in the dry lot and has foundered again. I made the dry lot smaller and am going to make the entire dry lot a paddock paradise this summer. (I’m also going to have Zorro gelded next month! Then all the ponies can be in together. I’m very excited about that… Both Captain and Zorro encourage more movement because they play so much. They will get the two girls going more.) Anyhoo… as I was saying it was just Sky and I out in the 5 acre field and then we went down the road a bit. She was on fire! It was a bit like flying a kite. She really worked up a sweat. I was looking for a nice quiet walk about but got  something a little different. LOL!

After her excellent canter with the travois and all the silliness that went on everywhere else I knew she is ready for the cart! So Thursday is my goal-day for hitching her up and going for a drive. I’m so happy about that! It’s going to take some time to get her in shape, so I’ll support the exercise with oils and call my favorite equine body worker, Heidi Chretien to come and give her a once over. (Bonnie needs some work done was well after all this soreness with the founder. I can see all the tension in her neck, shoulders, back and hips.)

So onward!!! We are going to get so many miles under our belts this summer. Both driving and hiking. I’m so looking forward to getting our butts into the MOUNTAINS!!!

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