If you have been reading my blog for very long then you know I LOVE before and after photos. LOVE them.

So, of course when I decided to start my ponies on a new feed called Crypto Aero I had to set up and take my before photos. I didn’t want to take a bad before photo because I want to really be able to see any differences that may occur this summer while feeding this. So I brushed and brushed the ponies, then trimmed their feet and had my boys come out and help set up some good conformation shots.

Sky's before picture.

Sky’s before picture.

These photos are also helping me decide what to DO with my ponies. I want to drive them all. Sky hasn’t yet decided if she wants to drive again so I’m giving her some time. She is cranky most of the time and is very worried about what is going on all around our little farm. She whinnies all the time and spends most of her time staring off into the distance. She hasn’t ever lived where she can see for so far and she is having a hard time adjusting. She is grumpy with me if I take her out to play right now. Some days she is very happy and bright and some days there is a definite dark cloud hanging over her head. I’m not in a hurry and won’t drive her if she doesn’t want to. This is more about having a nice partnership with my ponies than about what they can do for me.

Captain's before picture.

Captain’s before picture.

I’ve been really watching Captain Planet and have come to the conclusion that he is sickle hocked and both of his front feet are clubbed. He seemed much straighter and truer when he was young so I’m not sure what would have caused these dramatic conformation changes… He has been well cared for and fed healthy feed. No grain or extra supplements that can cause ligament issues. But because of these issues he probably won’t be very comfortable being a long distance driving horse. We have a long long way to go before he is confident enough to have anything behind him anyway… but isn’t he a cutie!?

Zorro's before picture.

Zorro’s before picture.

Zorro is very very nice. He has a nice length of neck, a lovely laid back shoulder, beautiful straight legs and nice feet. I’m so darn excited about him! He is very curious and wants to do things with me. Whenever he sees me he makes a beeline for me. He follows me everywhere and is always very helpful in scooping poop, brushing the other horses, putting out the hay nets, helping me with the other ponies. He isn’t afraid of much so if I can keep that confidence and just build on it I think he will make an awesome driving pony! He’ll be big enough that I can take him into the mountains and we can do parades and maybe even some CDE’s.

Blossom's (?) before picture.

Blossom’s (?) before picture.

I am getting my new mare this week and after a bit of settling in time I will begin to evaluate her as well. (I’m trying to decide what to call her. Her registered name is Ott’s Lil Booger… I’ve been calling her Blossom!)  I’m hoping that she will also make a great little driving pony so I’ll have two really solid ponies I can drive. Provided that they will enjoy it as well. I really am in this for all of us, not just me!

***I’ll write more about the Crypto Aero feed in another post! I’m so EXCITED about this feed!!!

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