Two days ago I trimmed up Bonnie’s laminar wedge and took some heel off. Of course after doing something so drastic I started to wonder if I had done the right thing. And of course, I can go out and google what I’ve done and read so many people’s opinions about how I just ruined my horse. Destroyed all chance of her healing. Then I read other opinions about how taking out the laminar wedge is the ONLY way she can heal. Sigh.

I am so stressed I am barely sleeping. I’m exhausted. I just want to lay down and nap. Watching Bonnie be so sore and stressed is taking a toll on me.

Then today I decided I was going to bring her in the front yard and take her SoftRide boots off for a while. I wanted to just wander around with her for a while and see how it went. The grass out there is relatively soft and the ground is soft and wet after all the snow we got yesterday. This is what happened!

She was so MAD at me because she couldn’t eat and everyone else was eating!! But she was trotting and trotting. I tried to slow her down which only made her more mad. Then I corrected her when she went down to eat she leaped and bucked! It’s so funny how this behavior normally would not be tolerated but when she is feeling so good I can over look a little sassiness. We walked around this part of the yard and the bigger part of the front area for over half an hour. She walked out and trotted the entire time. She was so HAPPY to be out of the boots and her pen. We will be doing this every day several times a day. I hope it helps her poor feet. The boots are great because they are protecting her on the hard ground of her pen, but they are also so soft they are not helping her soles much. So giving her time out of them is getting to be very important, to me anyway.

Then I spent some time brushing her. She showed me all her itchy spots and really got into it. I got so much hair off… she finally looked like I spent a lot of time brushing her! Up until today I would brush and brush and it didn’t look like I had done any good at all. Minis have SO MUCH HAIR. Bonnie and Zorro are the two shedding the best. Captain and Sky are really holding onto their fuzzy winter hair. In another month they should all be pretty slick!


I think Bonnie is looking pretty good. She has put a little bit more weight on since the episode in March. She needs some muscling, but once she is sound again we will be doing a lot of walking and hiking. I will pony her behind the cart when I drive Sky so she can get out and trot. And I’m going to put together a little track in the dry lot so all the ponies can move around a lot more! I’ll put hay out at different intervals and hide fresh and dried herbs around to encourage some foraging. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all look at the end of the summer.

It was so rewarding watching her be so active this morning. It healed my heart a little bit!

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