Ground Driving with Zorro

For the past few years Zorro has done things like go for long walks with me and the dogs, sometimes with me and his mama...

Bit Talk

Last summer I figured out that Sky did NOT like the bit she had driven in most of her life.

Zorro's First Time Pulling the Travois

Yep. Today was the day! Zorro was hitched to the travois for the first time!

Zorro's Second Day in the Travois

Zorro was a cheeky little guy today which was fun! I also love them to get some of that out of their system in the travois and not in my cart. LOL.

The 3rd Time

We did a 4 mile walk today with the travois, bringing Zorro’s total miles for the month, to 36. So that’s pretty significant. It would seem that he would be an old hand at this walking thing.

Why do I use a travois?

The travois mimics the feeling of the shafts very, very well. I often hear stories about how well the pony or horse did pulling logs and tires. They did this for months and everything went wonderfully. Then they hitched that same animal to a cart and all hell broke loose.

The Small Travois

In the video I shared of Zorro’s first hitch to the travois I mentioned using a smaller travois that doesn’t drag on the ground as a small step towards dragging the travois, for those horses that are more claustrophobic.

Using Positive Reinforcement for Ground Driving

I have had a couple of questions about teaching a horse that has never ground driven. Especially when the horse wants to turn and face and isn’t figuring it out.

Starting a Young Horse

I see the question “How old should my horse be before I drive him?” all the time.

Zorro's First Time Pulling a Sled

Zorro did an awesome job! He is such a trooper! We only went 3 miles since the sled was a bit heavier than the travois.

Zorro's 1st Drive in the Hyperbike

Today was Zorro’s first day pulling the Hyperbike! It was so exciting to hitch him to the bike. I could hardly wait to do it!

Winter Driving

It’s been very cold here for the last two weeks. When the temperature is the in the single digits I, personally, find it too cold to drive or do much outside.

And we start again!

Finally! The weather has broke a bit and Zorro and I have hit the road again.

Balancing the Easy Entry Cart - Part Two

Just another post about balancing a two wheeled vehicle...

March 15th Drive

Zorro and I had such a fantastic drive today. Really really lovely. We took the bike out because the snow is melting off the road so the sled is probably done for the year.

Fraser School of Driving-Our First Clinic

Zorro and I went to Fraser School of Driving this weekend for our very first driving clinic. It was Zorro’s first clinic (aside from the beginner driving clinic he helped teach) and it was my first driving clinic.

Camping Trip

For Memorial Weekend I took my pony and my friend Molly and her pony, and we ran away to the mountains.

Responsive or Reactive?

I think we often are asking ourselves... is my pony being responsive or reacting to what I'm asking?

How to preapare a young foal to be a future driving horse.

If you have been following this blog for very long you know that Zorro was born at my mom's house and came here when he was about 6 or 8 months old. I can't remember which! LOL! But he was a baby. And ever since he got here I have been preparing him to drive...

Ground Driving



Zorro's 1st Time

Pulling a Travois

Zorro's 2nd Time

Pulling a Travois

with Zorro

Why do I use

a Travois

Using Positive





Starting a Young Driving


The Small Travois

Zorro's 1st


Pulling the Sled

Zorro's 1st Drive

in the




And we start again!

Balancing the Easy Entry Cart

Part Two

March 15th Drive

Camping Trip

Fraser School of Driving




How to prepare a young

foal to be a driving horse.

The 3rd Time